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It looks like so much fun! I love the story of the peepee (we did our first "public potty appearance" this past Saturday...must be something in the water, HAH!), love the photo of Nana Nancy holding Bo's hand, and love Magpie sitting on the striped line. Too cute. I met a great couple on the 4th, the woman is from Rhode Island. I said,"That's so cool! One of my good friends is in RI right now, her family is from there!" This lovely lady, Gretchen, said, "Oh really, where in Rhode Island?" to which I realized....I didn't know. Doesn't everyone in Rhode Island know everyone else?? JUST KIDDING!! I did feel like an idiot, though. : ) Miss ya, kisses, hugs, N.

p.s. I told Stacey the story about the box in which you stored your craft supply collection back in college. I'm sure you recall what you wrote in puffy paint on it, right?!


Oh, and p.s., I later DID realize that I thought I knew (based on Magpie's name) but then it was too late. It was just way too late!


Yep, Bristol, Rhode Island. That's where we are. I always love meeting other people who either are from here or who have discovered R.I. It's so unique and beautiful.
Yes, I remember "My Crafty Box" from college, which held my supply of rubber stamps and embroidery floss. I wrote that on there out of pure innocence, you know. All you dirty Oregonian minds corrupted me and now I can't hear the word "pickle" without giggling.

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