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I personally find it difficult to sleep and roast marshmallows at the same time, but then again I'm not a princess. ;)

Love the envelopes; such a great idea!!

I stalk you everywhere now: Dwellwell, here, and FB!

Have a great weekend!

aka: Meadowlark on Dwellwell


I love to be stalked, Kate (you know, within reason)!
And, yeah, Bo keeps saying we need to put out mattresses for the party so everyone can take a Sleeping Beauty nap, but flaming 'mallows+mattresses=trouble.
I was just getting lost in your blog. How great that you did the PEACH camp thing. I need to find out if it's open for younger kids. I don't think it is, but the Sunday potlucks on the farm sound dreamy. I did that once at Tolstoy Farm in Davenport and it was fantastic.
So good to have you here (and there).

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