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looks like fun...bales for a party, i gotta try that.

Erin Zackey

oh you weren't kidding, I loved my wedding (same year as yours in fact!) but those pics did make me want to do it all over. I should definitely do this sometime cause my mom has a horse so the bales would be easy to come by! ;)


Love, love, love it!!!!! And love the quilts. Been wanting to get my hands on some!


This is such a great idea! Those quilts are almost too beautiful to use!

Quick thinking on the explanation to Bo! ;)


these look fantastic! i am planning to have 3 in a "lounge" area at my wedding and cover them with a dark lavender stripe/chevron print and perhaps a shimmery-gauzy overlay on top of that. (may be hard to visualize)


Looks gorgeous...this party is going to be so pretty and fab. :) Glad that the quilt is being loved on and put to good use. (I also love the description of my gift-giving technique: I *did* thrust it right at you! Didn't have any other way to give it!)


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