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Welcome to Penny Carnival. Some days I dink around on the sewing machine. Occasionally I cook or pull weeds in the garden. Mostly, I'm just trying to live more creatively and simply--more like my Nana did--and love up my two little girls. Stop by for craft tutorials, recipes and ramblings.


I'm the mother of two girls--Bo, who turned 10 in July 2015 and Magpie, who will be 8 in October 2015. I'm married to J, who I met at camp when we were 18 (although it took us 10 years to make it official). I have worked as a journalist and as a kindergarten and first grade teacher.
When it comes to crafting, sometimes I know what I'm doing. Sometimes I figure it out as I go. Sometimes a project fails horribly. All I know is if I don't occasionally make stuff with my hands, I start to lose my mind. If you can relate, bookmark Penny Carnival and come along for the ride.
If you're visiting here for the first time and want to know a bit more about what makes me tick tock, check out the following posts.

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gardening, simplicity, sewing, family, crafting, motherhood, cooking (mostly plants) and running (slowly).