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This was stunning and lovely. I'm making it my post of the week for last week. I've been looking for a great father's day post. I could think of nothing this eloquent to say.


How nice, Anymommy. What a wonderful compliment, especially coming from a writer like you. My two dads are incredible. It's easy to think of nice things to say about them.


You are so right on...there was a great tribute to moms at our church on Mother's Day but I told Jeff that I felt like he was already doing all of the wonderful things that he could/should do for me and, in turn, his family). I feel bad that guys always get a bad rap!

This was on the best of Craigslist, thought you would love it too:



Great list, Nis. These were my favorites:
-If you don't know something, go to the library and learn it. (I'm addicted to the library. I think it's because I'm so cheap. I think I mentioned in a post a while back about the Christmas when one of J's gifts to me was a stack of books he checked out that he thought I'd like. It was sweet.)
-Everyone is a friend until proven otherwise. (My dad's line growing up always was--"Be nice to everybody."

procrastination mama

oh that melts my heart. The building picture is just beautiful. I think i would buy that if it was a piece of art in a gallery. Such a cool idea.

Found the link on the soulemama flickr site. ;)

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