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Darling outfit! Your kids will LOVE you for sewing clothes for them...when they're moms themselves! Congrats on being a featured blog - that's how I found you! Nan


That's so nice to hear. Thanks, Nan! My oldest often sits behind me in my chair when I'm sewing and watches the action. It'll be fun when she's old enough to learn (if she wants to). I have her do her own very simple embroidery, if you can even call it that, which is an idea that came from "The Creative Family" (see the links to books in the left sidebar).
Great to see so many people checking out the blog from the Typepad feature. I wasn't sure what to expect when they told me they were doing a write up on Penny Carnival. Welcome, everyone!


Mimi, I am literally LOL (not just the usual chuckle LOL) right now after looking at the photo of the "remember these?" dress. Dear God. That would have been the perfect complement to the Holly Hobbie socks that I wore to the first day of preschool!


These were called Gunne Sax dresses and I still don't know if that referred to a general style or a brand name. All I know is that my mom would drive us out to this little shop off a country road and make us try on every design they carried. Don't get me wrong--I love Laura Ingalls Wilder. But that doesn't mean I needed to dress like her.


OK, I just googled it. It's a brand. Part of the Jessica McClintock company.
From wikipedia:
"The characteristic puff sleeves and leg o'mutton sleeves found in many Gunne Sax pieces started the puff sleeve craze that prevailed throughout the 1970s and '80s and into the early '90s."


I am DYING over here. First of all because I think I had that EXACT dress and secondly because I am a mom of 2 girls too and when I found out I was having a 2nd girl I suddenly decided they needed matching outfits which is so very unlike me. How does that happen??!! I found you through typepad too. Adding you to my favorites ;)


It must be a mommy thing that just happens to the best of us. Poor kids. ;)
I'm so glad you found Penny Carnival!

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