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I loved your posts on Ohdeedoh...Their site led me to your blog which I've really been enjoying and your site has led me to a ton of other fun blogs that I can spend my daughter's nap time getting lost in!
I especially loved the posts about your girls' rooms...they are adorable-so simple and pretty. I like the country look and like the idea of mixing that with a modern looking house. We have a 50's style rambler with a modern/midcentury decor in the majority of the house. But somehow my daughter's room (much to my husband's dismay) has turned out to be kind of shabby chic...not on purpose, but with hand me downs, etc.. it just kind of turned out that way. It somehow mixes well with the rest of the house. Anyhow-I thought your girls' rooms were great!


Oh my goodness, that's so nice to hear, pjluce. I assumed everyone just hated the rooms.
And how great that you've been visiting Penny Carnival. I've been getting more and more hits every day (almost 700 yesterday! That might be small potatoes to some bloggers but it's huge for me), but I don't really know who all is out there. I love it when folks leave comments--so thanks!
Don't you love your mid-century rambler? Some of our friends thought we were nuts when me traded our 1908 craftsman for this, but we love our new house. It's so clean (well, clean-lined anyway) and easy to live in.
Thanks again, pjluce. You made my day.


Just for the record, I'm a huge OhDeeDoh fan, and I loved your posts, including the nursery tour. I love the brick, the quilt, the word/phonics posters, the rooster and the diaper shelf! All of it. Stinks that they didn't choose you, BUT, you still have a awesome blog with some fabulous photography and great ideas. I'm so glad I found you and that you're sharing yourself here every day. Keep it up!

P.S. 700 hits is amazing! I'm still thrilled when I get 100



Thanks, psychmama. Seriously, regardless of my nursery tour, Tammy deserved to win based on all her posts. It was a lot of fun to be a part of it. And I'm glad you found Penny Carnival!


I adore the girls' room...it is somewhat Montesorri-ish...don't doubt how wonderfully beautiful it is! Our house is modernish/comtemporary but the nursery/playroom is similiar to yours. Kiddos need a soft place to land. Love your site, found it via Parent Hacks.


You know I love your site - and the girls' rooms are gorgeous. I'm sorry you didn't get the job. But, girl, 700 hits a day is AMAZING!!


Aw, thanks guys.
"Kiddos need a soft place to land." What a great way of putting it, Sammi. Bo will be heading to a preschool in the fall that's a mix between Montessori, Waldorf and Reggio, so we do try to support that at home as much as we can (I still have a lot to learn about all the philosophies, though).
I have Parent Hacks to thank for the hit explosion this week, anymommy. They linked to my post about playing with water and it's been great having so many new folks stopping in.

Lisa B

Parent Hacks pointed the way to your blog, and I must say, I *love* that rooster on the nursery wall. It looks like a very cozy space for kids all around. Thanks for the inspiration!

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