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Oh, I am so with you on the "spiritual but not traditionally religious" POV. We don't formally practice any sort of religion. We hope that by being open to many different viewpoints that we'll provide our child(ren) the opportunity to explore what means the most to THEM. I know I'll never go pure Catholic again - it's how I was raised from a young age and I resented having it forced upon me. Maybe an early sign of the rebellion and independence of the iGeneration? Not sure!

Kimberly Winston

Dear Megan. You humble me. I am actually in tears over what you wrote about my book. You get it. And you remind me why I wanted to write the book in the first place - why people of all traditions need to reclaim prayer beads. Thank you so much for your lovely words. You may not change the world, but you have touched me very deeply.


Wow! Thanks so much for taking the time to pop in, Kimberly, and leaving such a wonderful note. I saw the nice post on your blog, too. I'm really touched.

And thanks for dropping me a line, too, Caitlin. It's good to hear from someone who can relate.



As a baptized Catholic but churchgoing something else, I get what you mean about mass. Jeff doesn't like the "up-down-rah rah rah" part but even though I don't go to mass to get my answers I go to get my dose of tranquility. When I go. And I will be the first to admit that is not very often. Oops! : )



I read your blog often and love the work you do! This post, on the other hand made me sad. I have an issue with the church.... people don't go for the right reason. We live in a society that is very "me" oriented. It's all about what we can get, what we deserve and how it makes us feel. Even giving is about how we feel. The problem with that is simple, we should be going to church because God is amazing. Church and Christianity shouldn't be about what we get, but what we give. God made this world for us... a beautiful place full of HIS art! Why wouldn't we want to give Him our all? It isn't about us and how we feel, but Him and how amazing He is! The Bible is clear, however, that the road to Him is narrow...one right answer.


To this I say, Amen.

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