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Carolyn L.

Wow. I'm off to reprodepot.com right now to check out the fab fabrics. These are yummy! Thanks for sharing!

And if anyone has any easy dress patterns to share, let me know. Joey will only wear dresses, and I'd like to get a few more into the closet before school starts -- especially one in that red/orange/blue/green fabric. Love it!


I want a big girl dress in one of those fabrics. Or a kerchief. Or a little apron (like our Nanas used to wear). Or something retro and kitschy. Really, just give me a yard of the fabric and I will wrap it around myself and love it! : )


Don't you love that fabric store? Some people could go overboard shopping at the mall. Just give me several hundred dollars at a good fabric store and I'm in heaven.
Other fun places to look online are:

Here are a few patterns that have caught my eye online this morning. Disclaimer: I haven't used these, so don't blame me if they produce potato-sack like dresses or contain ridiculously complicated directions (they usually do). But they look like they have potential:


-Simplicity 3513, 3512, 2907, 6822, 6333, 2825, and 4927.

It's hard to tell, though, because the fabrics the conventional companies use are soooooo bad, not to mention the way they style these poor children for the photos. The kids look like they're trying out to be a regular on Barney.

I love the look of the patterns from www.oliverands.com, but I keep waiting for them to come out with some fall/winter designs.


I don't know why I didn't think to look sooner, but some folks sell sewing patterns on Etsy. Check out this sweet little dress/shirt:

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