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Jovanka McKee

OMG!! I thought I had an illness for mags. I can't wait to show Dar this....I was selling them for 10 cents at the garage sale last week and my "old house" ones were a hit... but nobody wants the fashion. I have one old Martha Stewart Baby - if you don't have it I'll give it to you.


That is a great post! I drool over old mags and it pains me to get ride of them. Also, it's true that anything sounds good in a barn - I wonder what else she has in there :)


It truly is a disease, guys. I swear I'm not a hoarder--we live pretty minimally here--but not when it comes to magazines. I have hundreds in my craft room. I used to have a good excuse (being a magazine editor), but the collection has only grown since then.
Jovanka--which issue of "Baby" do you have? You know I'll want it if it's not one I already own.
Let's all have a moment of silence for the termination of that great magazine. Who else could make strained carrots look so gorgeous?
Klay--there were even more magazines in the barn. Not Marthas. I took all of those. But Metropolitan Home, Traditional Home, Runner's World, etc. It was really hard to drive away without everything, but I kept picturing J's face.

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