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Thanks Megan..you make me look so good. Hope you find your way back over the mountain.

Carolyn L.

Who's going to pay you to blog? That's excellent news!


Man, I was starting to wonder where you were. Well, I knew "where" you were (and with which four legged furry friends!) but thought you'd perhaps abandoned the blogosphere ala Stacey and gone to Saipan in spirit! :) The new project sounds fun... can't wait to see it. Can you use the proceeds to come visit us in P-Town? Please?


Thanks, guys.
Nis--I think the proceeds will pay for the mouse damage to our car first. Then Portland. OK, now it's sounding like I'm going to be paid a lot. I'm not. But any pay at all is good.
Arlene--I take absolutely no credit for making you look good. You're a superstar. You need to write a craft book.
Carolyn--here's a clue: a short elevator ride away from you.

Carolyn L.

Oh, you got that gig we were talking about! Whoo hoo. Back on the payroll. Nice work!

And it looks like my employment will continue into the new year. Whew ...


That's great, Carolyn! I'm so glad.


Oooh! I'm excited about he new blog. Hope it will be as fun to read as the Penny Carnival!


Thanks, Klay. I'm excited, too.


Glad to hear about the new blog, Megan. I was just asking Cheryl-Anne a couple of weeks ago if she was going to be blogging. I am glad we (in Spokane) have you. The articles in the Metro are just too short.


Thanks, Cherie! As any editor who has ever worked with me will tell you, I definitely don't have a problem writing too short. They are always very patient with me and my endless blather.

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