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I am writing from the Fairhaven Toy Garden. Thank you for the plug! That is very nice to hear! The cupcakes are not available on our website as of today (11/17/08). Maybe later today! You can call us at 360 714 8552 to get one. One more thing, ask for 'muffins' to avoid any confusion.

kristine hanson

how much are the muffin/cupcakes?


$13.95, Kristine. I see they're on the Fairhaven Toy Garden Web site now. Like Roland says, search for "muffin."

kristine hanson

Thank you! I just bought some muffins and cookies, one more present done!


Great! You're at least the second Penny Carnival reader I've heard of that bought them and Roland sent me an e-mail the other day saying they were getting lots of inquiries. I'm a cupcake pusher.

kristine hanson

that is good for a local (Washington) business, I googled the brand and Fairhavens prices are EXCELLANT, makes the shipping not sting so bad, I so enjoy your blog, take care

Megan Cooley

Thanks so much, Kristine. Usually things in my hometown (Bellingham) are more expensive than they are here in Spokane, so that's good to know. It is a great little shop. I can't say enough about it. And apparently they hold felt food making workshops every Saturday, so if you're ever there on a weekend ...

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