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hey there - i'm a perennial lurker, and just wanted to let you know that a, i'm here and b, your penance plans made me actually LOL.

i really enjoy your blog - thanks for all the great ideas... and the refreshing realism in the way you talk about your life. cheers!

Megan Cooley

Oh, it's no laughing matter. I could seriously reduce this country's dependence on foreign oil if I just stopped showering. ;)
My sister got all the benefits of being half Italian--the olive complexion, the dark hair and eyes. I got the oil, my dad's Irish pasty-white skin and my Uncle Tommy's body hair. My friends in college actually made me a T-shirt that said "Mama Wookie" on the back. My biggest regret in life is that it took me so long to figure out that waxing isn't THAT painful.
Seriously, thanks so much for leaving a comment, Michaela. I guess I assumed there were some lurkers out there based on how many hits I get (more than 1,500 the other day! big day for me), but it's so, so, so good to hear that you're out there and like the blog. I've been so busy with work stuff lately, but I promise to put up some quality posts soon. I'm working on a tutorial for a partridge/pear tree-theme Christmas tree right now.
Thanks again!

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