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I love your smile list - and your pictures as always! They show such a wonderful approach to life and what goes on around you! (BTW, I just noticed you're linking to me - and thanks - want to let you know that my blog url has changed to www.connectingthedots.dk) :)


Thanks so much, Astrid. A compliment from you on photos means a ton! You're the photo superstar.
I will update the URL. For a while I had you listed twice without realizing it.


I adore your blog... I have linked to you from me today.... thanx for the constant inspiration.

kristine hanson

The picture of your daughters with the kitchenaid is priceless, too cute! I have a picture of my daughter (now 5) when she was 2 in front of the oven, squating down looking in the window to see if the cookies are done, it is so sweet...have you been in the new top stitch? SQUEAL!!!!


Thanks so much, guys. Your kind words mean so much.
Cooking with kids can be such a mess, but there are so many sweet moments--it makes it all worth it.
Kristine, no, I haven't been in yet. I'm dying to see it. I'm hoping tomorrow will be the day. Did you know that she's going to offer times when a baby sitter is there to watch kids while the moms sew? Heaven!


Megan i know exactly what you are talking about with not being able to pee alone. But when that stuff starts to bother me it's usually because i haven't done enough things for myself. It's tough to make time, but you have to. If you are not feeling you're best how can you be the best for you're kids? Put yourself first and see how it feels. Go ahead. I know we both we're not raised to do that, but you sure as hell need to sometimes. I'm going to yoga tonight and i can't wait!!!
Love you

kristine hanson

Megan...I did not know about the sitter at top stich but she did tell me she hopes to have a "mommy and me" type of class, the kids do crafts while the mom's do a sewing item...bag, stuff like that...question for you...Top Stich carries a tiny bit of Flea Market Fancy...are you familiar with that line? I have 20 pieces of it but want MORE! Have you ever found any of it in town? Quilting Bee has some in thier clearance and I found a tiny bit at Log Cabin Dry Goods...do you know of any more?


That's wonderful advice, Bethany. I really need to take up yoga ... or go get a massage or a facial. Whatever. I'll take what I can get.

Kristine--that's the class Carrie was telling me about too, but my understanding was that the kids would be in a separate room doing sewing activities with a babysitter. Or maybe I was just daydreaming about a scenario like that.

Flea Market Fancy is a Denyse Schmidt line, right? I was thinking I'd seen it at Quilting Bee, like you said. Try Bear Paw Quilting in Coeur d'Alene. Have you been there? They have a great selection. I don't for for sure if they have FMF, so call first. It's still worth the trip to CdA to see their other stuff, though.

kristine hanson

I called Bear Paw, no luck but I have been to the new store, wonderful! We are probably thinking of the same thing (top stitch) just wording it differently! ;)

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