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Carolyn L.

I'm so amazed you can do these things without a pattern! That dress is way cute.

Shoebuy.com Coupons Chick

I love Annie and I love that you can make your own dresses. I can't do it well at all.


That's so cute, Mimi! Love it. I wish I could sew, sigh. Stacey linked to your blog today...I hope you get lots of fun new visitors! :)


Susannah @ the Art Nest

oh, I want one too! How fantastic~ Can't wait to see the red dress!


That is so sweet that you made the dress for her. You should have a video of her singing..with the red lipstick of course. I am having a huge giveaway...come on over.


I once did the costumes for a children's production of Annie - it was to most fun making all those scrub dresses and aprons. I love your version and I'm
looking forward to seeing the second versions too. Tea staining is a fun time with Annie costumes, all that grunge goes well with Red lipstick :)


Thanks so much, guys. It's such a simple little dress--didn't require much skill at all. Klay, I bet your creations were amazing. What an interesting career you've had.
Jeanne--you have quite a giveaway going on over there! How generous of you! I'm going to write something about it in a sec.
Susannah--I'm with you. I want one of these orphan dresses in my size. I think it'd make housework more fun (especially with the soundtrack to the musical blaring in the background).

sarah s s

i love the layers here! fabulous dress!


Thanks, Sarah! It's definitely one of those dresses I'd love to have in my own size. Wouldn't that be a fun way to clean house?

Amy Hudnall

I love the "Annie" dresses. My daughter has also become the biggest Annie fan after seeing the play. Around the house, I am "Grace" and her dad is "Daddy Warbucks." Anyway, I am interested in party ideas. I was curious if you had any Annie ideas after attending the Annie party.


Thanks, Amy! It wasn't an actual Annie party we went to, though. That was just the gift we gave the birthday girl because we knew she loved the play, too.
Hmm ... what could you do, though?
Favors: little stuffed-animal dogs that look like Sandy? Or burn everyone a CD with some of the best Annie songs (this depends on how many guests you have. I think there's a limit on how many you can burn).
Cake: A cake that looks like Daddy Warbucks' mansion? Or a cake that looks like a bucket and mop?
Depending on the age of the kids, you could break them into groups and have them act out a song from the musical.
Hmmm ... I want to come.

My Boaz's Ruth

I loved Annie growing up and, even without a costume, used to pretend I was a orphan, etc.

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what a lovely cute littel girl, i mean, wearing some lipstick? that's the sweetest thing!

Hollie Eastman

Now I'm going to be singing it's a hard knock life...love the dress, and I was a teacher too!!=)


You were, Hollie?! I didn't know that. What grade? When? Where? How long? I've been missing it lately.

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