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Carolyn L.

Adorable! Especially Bo's haircut ... may have to show it to a certain 4-year-old I know.


super cute post & cute pics! the girls are adorable!

Sarah Vine

My 5 year old son loved the tutorial - he had me read through it for him then made a dragonfly of his his own! I've a photo of him proudly displaying the result if Em wants to see. Then, he taught his 3 year old sister how to do one too. Thanks for the afternoon's activity! Thumbs up.x


That's so great, Sarah!! I can't wait to tell Em. She'll be over the moon. I see from your blog that you're in Israel. I'm going to show her where that is on the map. I'd love it if you would e-mail me the photo and let me post it here (but no worries if you don't want to do that).
Thanks, Apryl and Carolyn! Hope all is well.


I can't believe how much "Em" looks like her Mom, also and "Em". Can't wait to see in person!!!! Love you all


That's so funny you say that, Dena, because I was showing my mom your facebook page the other night and we were talking about how much your "Em" (or "Eee," I guess) looks like you. xoxo

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