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i love everything about your planner!!!!!!
i do a lot of meal planning makes a big difference in my life. we should trade a weeks worth of meal ideas.


I love it! And I love that it's so "you" to do it up in your style... personally I think that any time you invest some time into a project that you are more likely to stick with/use/enjoy the end result. So there. :)


ps We are having a "day" here. MK has decided that only one side of the paper is worthy of being used. When informed that she could have no more 'til both sides were full (it's not big art, just writing practice) she decided instead to rip up said piece of paper rendering it entirely useless. Winner of an all-expenses paid trip to her room! Do you ever have days where you wonder how your child(ren) got in your home, who left them there, and when the hell they will return to pick them up? I do. Today.


Oh my gosh! I too have been working on organizing my life and have been trying to settle on a way to create a Household Notebook that will inspire me to keep up with it...and you just gave me the answer! Thank you for being crazy, Meghan.

Susannah @ Art Nest

Love those fabrics she choose for the book sling...I need to make one of those~
Oh, and your notebook is inspiring...perhaps I'll sew a version for myself!

I'm off to check out the calendar pages - thanks!


Thanks so much, guys.
Suna--your blog looks really great. I'm anxious to see how your garden turns out. I'd read about doing that, but we ended up overturning 625 square feet of sod last spring instead--ugh! Hard work.
A recipe exchange is a great idea, by the way. Maybe I'll work something up here.
Nis--Yes, I have those days. All the time. ;)
Thanks, M & S. Here's another neat idea for a day planner I just came across:


Great Job on the planner. I would have taken the easy route & bought one from the store :) Yours has so much more personality. I love it. AND good for you on getting the massage. I agree 110% we ALL need to treat ourselves every so often. I treat myself a lot more than other's. Used to be once a month...and lately it has been every other week...but the pregnant girl deserves it. :) Now lets just hope I keep my words of advice to others about getting massages & I hope I can keep it up after baby comes! lol


Your planner is fabulous! I think it's so creative. Great job.


This is so great, thanks for the shoutout! Do you mind if I post the photos on my site? I love those little flags on the notebook, I've been wanting to make full size ones to go around my bedroom! xo



Oh my goodness, Amanda. Please do! Thank you so much for your generous gift to the world. I smile every time I open my planner.
And thanks for your kind words, Becca and Apryl.


I have all of my materials to make my Notebook/Planner (wahoo!) but got a little nervous about the construction of the slipcover--I'm afraid it'll be more "slip" than "cover". Is there a trustworthy tutorial/guide that you used? Or are you just brilliant enough to have come up with a perfectly snug one organically? If it's the latter, may I suggest that you do a blog post of your Brain?


How great, MK!! I can't wait to see yours. I didn't follow a tutorial, but I'll write up some basic instructions and post them here asap (hopefully tomorrow).
P.S. You're hilarious. My brain is mush, especially right now.

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