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kristine hanson

I had a blast today too...got a few little things I have always wanted and one of their posters AND a pic of me and THE FARM CHICKS! yahoo!


Wow! I didn't see any of that and I noticed that most of your photos don't feature crowds :) looking forward to seeing what you got.

Deb Kennedy

Glad you liked our 'Piano Bar'! It was the hit of the show, I think. Wasn't this a fun weekend?!!!! ;0)

jen R Sanctuary arts at home

It was such an amazing show! Wasn't it? Jen


Ha, ha, Klay (or Klau, as you mysteriously call yourself here). Many of my photos aren't great because I had to quickly snap them while there were breaks in the crowds of people walking by. Still not as crowded as the years when the show was in Fairfield, though.
Deb, your piano bar was a hoot! My friends who came from Portland talked about it all weekend. So clever. That and the door that was attached to the table.
Good times, good times. FC 2010 can't come soon enough! Thanks for stopping by everyone.

Michelle Trent

Hi there! Wasn't Farm Chicks a blast?! I wanted to let you know that I was thrilled to see your photos of the Top Stitch booth. I created most of it for my mom and the owner of the Top Stitch. I wanted to let you know that the gorgeous aprons, bibs, doll carriers and bags/purses in the booth were created by my mom, Elaine, who shared the booth with The Top Stitch. She doesn't have a website, but you can find her on Etsy www.FitToBeTied.etsy.com


Wow...amazing images...i kinda felt like i was right there but my heart is aching because i soooo wished i could of been! Thank you so much for sharing...your blog is adorable...i love your header...sooooo sweet indeed!

simply stork

I too was at the show this weekend. My friend and I also really wanted that phone :o)

I loved looking at your pics of the show :o)

I posted a little mini movie about it today...stop on by and have a peek when you get the chance :o)


~simply stork~

The Funky Junk Sisters

We too were at the show! It was such fun, but now we are off to work, cuz we are having a show of our own this weekend in Puyallup, WA! We will have many of the same vendors, hope you can come!

Linda & Dixie
The Funky Junk Sisters


Oh great, Michelle. Thanks for letting me know about your mom's Etsy shop. I'll update the post to include a link. I love those doll carriers. My daughters are always drawn to the one in the shop when we visit.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments everyone. I'll check out the video, SS, and I wish I could make it to Puyallup for the show, L & D. I think I saw fliers about that at the Farm Chicks, right? Best of luck with it.

Kim G.

Love, love, love your pictures and descriptions of the show, I too thought that blue cubby in the Chaps booth was the one that got away! Sorry I missed meeting you this year, hope you'll make a badge next year and we can meet then!

Serena Thompson

I can't believe I didn't see you at the show! I'm so glad you had a nice time.
:) Serena


We had a GREAT time, Serena. I saw you from a distance a couple of times, but you were always with someone and I didn't want to interrupt. In fact, it was my friends from Portland who would spot you, recognizing you from your book. Oh! There's Serena! Oh! There's Teri and Serena! As if they were seeing famous people (which you are!). By the way, their welcome-to-Spokane gifts included a homemade scone cozy, following the directions in your book.

Kim, I loved your badge idea and just didn't get around to making one. I stopped other people who were wearing them, though, to ask the names of their blogs. It's like a sisterhood, huh?

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