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How wonderful! Our neighbors hide from one another. And they don't even try to be sly about it. It's equal parts comical and depressing. So it is so nice to hear that there is still life on the Good Neighbor Planet. It gives me hope!


Our lovely neighbors are one of the biggest (if not the biggest) reason that we didn't move to build a new house before MK was born. I'm soooo glad that I live surrounded by people who call when the garage door is still up at 11PM (universal issue, obviously!), watch my child when I have forgotten that I have an appointment to wax my brows, come to any and all birthday/ holiday/ just because celebrations that we have... the list goes on. Long live wonderful neighbors!! :)

Randi Dickinson

I have to say I was thrilled to move into our new house to find that the neighbors are at least mildly friendly.(We lived in an apartment for 5 years and didn't meet one person there!) Everyone waves as they walk or drive past and shout the occasional "how you doing?" or "yard is looking great!" over the fence. Now if I can just get our neighbor across the street to put his teeth in and quit chopping wood in the front lawn in his underwear (I kid you not- 17 degrees and this man is wearing boots, a winter hat and a ratty pair of tighty-whities!).


Randi, I'm dying. That is awesome. Is that a Spokane thing? In my state of neighborhood bliss last night I forgot to mention the man who lives next to S & G, who we all affectionately call "numb nuts." He drives his convertible (top down) without a shirt on in winter. He also doesn't mow his lawn or partake in garbage pickup service. Then there was the night he knocked on our door and asked J to look through his house with him after experiencing a home invasion/theft. Just when I was sure I wasn't going to get my husband back, the SWAT team arrived.
So even great neighborhoods aren't perfect, MK.

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