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love this post. enjoyed reading. beautiful wedding pics too. funny about the garage sale items & the brothers...i know who you are talking about. funny that i just heard those stories on saturday night!! too funny.


Ha, ha. I was sad to miss the little reunion, Apryl, so I got the play-by-play from Carley the next day over the phone. Did I get the story right??

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My daughter also loves to help in the kitchen. Disasters never fail to occur but I love every moment of it. It will never be the same when they grow up. =)


What a beatiful, inspiring post! LOVE your photographs~

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I have heard of old barns being converted into reception halls, but I cannot find any of these locations in the southwest Michigan area. I am just looking for a casual location to gather friends and family for a fall wedding in the country.

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Hey everybody! It's me the guy with little Nascar knowledge. I got a few questions for those who have been there and done that! Why aren't there any serious Smash Up Derbies anymore? I remember as a kid I would visit friends in Indianapolis (many, many years ago!) we would go see the local smash up derby race and other stuff and I thought it was fun! I know there's probably not a lot of money involved but didn't some of the great race drivers of yesteryear get there start like this?
Last question " Who else besides me had a SSP Smash em' up derby set or a Sizzlers race car set as a kid?

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I really love this post.
enjoyed reading and beautiful wedding pictures too..funny about the garage sale items & the brothers...i know who you are talking about.
Thanks for sharing ..

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