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Aha! *That* explains how I found the Leftoverist. I adore her blog - thanks for mentioning it here. And good luck w/ your garden bounty... we did just a tiny practice garden this year - mostly tomatoes, which took a serious hit from the 30 days of rain at the start of summer. Oh well, there's always next year...


I bet your garden will grow bigger every year, Michaela. It's addictive. We expanded to our front yard this year.
Sarah's blog is amazing, huh? What a great resource.

The Leftoverist

Michaela, I feel your pain about the tomatoes. Mine are somehow still producing, but they won't be in any photo shoots.

Nice to see you both on my blog from time to time. I'm so happy you find it helpful in the kitchen.

I LOVE that little book, megan, with that vintage cover. I hope your booth at the fair goes swimmingly.

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