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I just found your blog and I love it. Such great ideas! I'm from Spokane, too. You can bet I'll bookmark your site!


Hey that's a nice compliment! I am loving the fun links you added at the end of this. I think I'm going to try the ruffle skirt...someday.


Thanks, guys!

Meegan--I assume we pronounce our names the same way based on your spelling, so we have that in common, too!

Emily--you're a sewing pro now so you have to make that skirt.


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Joanna Briones

Hi Meegan,
It's Joanna Wight, remember me??? I ran into your mom and it was funny because I was just thinking about you. Nice to see you on here I just thought I would say HI :)


Joanna!!! How are you?! So you're in Bellingham? It's GREAT to hear from you. How is your family? Does your mom still work at the fabric store? Take care!!

Retro Jordans

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I just came across your site, and love this no-sew tutorial (because I can't sew!). In the photo of the banner hung across the rooster, there is a book holder on the wall. I would love to know- did you make it, and if so... how? Thanks!


Thanks, Holly!
Yes, that's my little invention ... the "book sling." Here's the regular tutorial for it:
But since you don't sew, check out this other link. FamilyFun magazine ran an article showing how to make a no-sew version:


Thank you so much for this. I don't sew and really wanted to make one for my girls birthday. :)

Amy Keffer

Love this idea, especially since I"m not blessed with the crafty gene. I'm thinking of making a banner like this out of the iconic outfits both my girls have worn through infancy and toddlerhood... the ones that are too stained or worn to pass on to someone else but of which I have such fond memories. {{cue maternal sniffling}}


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Digital Printing Fabric

These are getting more popular by the day, and I can't blame anyone. It's great, the general design is always appealing to most people and it sends quite a message. And having it being so easy to design is not such a bad thing.


Hi I love this!! I had a question...did you use a certain kind of glue or would hot glue work??


Hi, Sara. Hmm ... I just used regular old white Elmer's glue. I think hot glue would be harder to work with because you're pressing down on the fabric to seal both sides together. I don't want you to burn your fingers! But if you try it with hot glue, let me know.


Oh, funny. I just looked back at the pictures and it was Elmer's blue gel glue, not white glue. But I've used white glue before, too. Both work fine. The gel kind is sold in the same aisle as the white stuff. Either way. ;)

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