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love the quilt top and trays. I saw once where a gal had used a metal tray to make a message board by just adding cute button topped magnets. If I can ever find a nice tray, I'm going to give it a try. I understand being nervous about public speaking, good luck.

Carolyn L.

Can't wait to see what you come up with! Wish I could be there ...

Susannah @ Art Nest

Best wishes! Your finds look fabulous already!

kristine hanson

you will do a great job!

Heidi Parrish

I was browsing another blog today and something looked familiar- take a look


Thanks so much for the votes of confidence, ladies. The trash-to-treasure event went well. I'll be posting the finished projects soon.

Jennifer, I wonder if you saw that tray project on the Farm Chicks. It sounds familiar to me, too. I didn't end up using the trays. Just the quilt top, the soda crate, the baby blocks and the picture frame.

Heidi--good eye! I see similar posts now and then. They all link to the tutorial I wrote for Ohdeedoh instead of linking here to Penny Carnival, so I'm never really sure how many book slings are being made out there. I'd love to put together a gallery of them one day.

Thanks so much for leaving comments, guys. It really warms my heart.

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