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Tammy Monson

What a great post! Love the idea and know that my girls will eat it up. Thanks for posting.

Ariadne Rooney

This is SO FUN! I want to play!! :)


Thanks, guys! Ari, I can only imagine what direction those stories would take if you played. God help us.


i love this idea! i really like the envelope idea. i'm thinking it would be a fun way to spend some time with some of my grownup friends that love storytelling as well....thanks!


Adorable! I love this idea and am bookmarking it (I think it might be hard for my 13 month old to grasp!) for later.


Thanks so much! Linda, that would be fun! Can I come?
Yeah, Amber, 13 months might be a wee bit early, but check back later. My 2 1/2 year old is having fun with it, but she's depending on her 4 1/2-year-old sister to tell her what to do.


I think I'm going to try story starters this week...super fun idea!


What fun! My daughters will love this :)

katie vieceli

I love this idea - downloaded and will definitely get this ready for a playdate party!!


This is a wonderful idea. Your prompts are all very fun and seem to encourage cooperative play (unlike 'you are enemy combatants staring at each other from your foxholes,' although my brothers would have loved that). And I love that they were trying to replicate the pose so exactly!
Thanks for the idea and prompts,


Thanks again, everyone. I'm so flattered that you're planning on doing this with your own kids. Let me know how it goes and feel free to contribute more story prompts. I can add them to the PDF.

I know, Nicole, isn't that hilarious? I wish you could see the picture from the book better--she has the pose down perfectly. She took the whole thing quite seriously.


Just saw this on ohdeedoh and I'm so excited to have found your blog! What a great activity! It's not often that I wish my little guy would grow up faster, but when I see fun things like this, I definitely look forward to when he's old enough to enjoy them! And I love, love, love how intently your girls are studying their book - such a sweet shot.


I am going to try this with my Kindergarten Class as a way to get them brainstorming before writing. Thanks for the idea!


Oh my goodness, Erica, I'm so flattered. Let me know how it goes!
Thanks to you, too, Lauren. I know what you mean about not wanting them to grow up fast, but kind of being impatient about some of those fun things we have to look forward to down the road.


This is beautiful because those two children below are so sweet, they reminded me my little child, she also want to become an excellent ballet woman.


This is beautiful because those two children below are so sweet, they reminded me my little child, she also want to become an excellent ballet woman.


Nice post thanks for sharing this article..it help a lot in increasing my knowledge about this


I wonder how you got so good. This is really a fascinating blog, lots of stuff that I can get into. One thing I just want to say is that your Blog is so perfect!


I like to admit that the game seems not one of my favorite things to do as a parent. There are times that as long as I can be the bad witch or the wicked queen.


Adorable! with a few more lessons she will be awesome ballet dancer for her age!

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