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Ariadne Rooney

NO IDEA if you have any pets, but we have a cat that taught himself to pee in the toilet. I initially thought someone was breaking into our house and peeing in the toilet. :)


omg :) super cute, fun & creative. love the st. paddy's project. so do you guys have a dog or cat? doesn't make sense the tinkle in the garbage can....unless it was the leprechaun :)


No way, Ari! That's hilarious.
No, guys, we don't have pets right now (r.i.p., Cronkite). It's a mystery.
When I was in college there was a guy who was breaking into the women's dorms and leaving behind poop. Maybe he's on parole.

Ariadne Rooney

Blah!!! That's so CREEEEEPPPYYY!! Maybe he turned into a leprechaun??

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