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twirling betty

Oh Megan, your post made me cry. Thanks for reminding me about the privilege. It's easy for it to sometimes get lost among the dishes and washing and constant demands. I'm not sure if I can bear to click on your link to Stephanie Nielson. I might wait for a day of particular intestinal fortitude. In the meantime, thanks for the honesty you put into every post. Can't tell you how it resonates and I wish I had the courage to do the same.


Oh, wow, thanks so much, T.B. I'm sorry to make you cry! I get lost in the dishes/demands, too. I love being part of a blogosphere where other mommies can lift me up just when I need it (or make me laugh on days when I'm in the mood to read about the ridiculous side of motherhood).
As for the honesty, I don't know how else to be. I've always been an open book (much to my mother and husband's horror, at times). I'm pretty sure I lose readers whenever the religion thing comes up, which is too bad. I have such a deep respect and interest in all faiths (well, almost all. There's some wacky stuff out there). My hope is that we can all learn from and accept each other.
Thanks so much for your kind note.

Randi Dickinson

Thank you so much for this! My husband and I are going on year #4 of trying to conceive and it can be very discouraging at times. I learned just this year to say "Thank you God for the gift of infertility because it has taught me the value of having a family." Its nice to know that people don't take those precious babies for granted!


Oh, Randi. I'm so sorry. You are my hero for finding a way to be thankful for what must be heartbreaking and extremely frustrating. I wish you and your husband the best.


Sweet, sweet post Mimi... and it is *such* a privilege that we are allowed the joys and the agonies of these girls we have. I love the photos of the bean and the peanut. :)

xoxo and Happy Mother's Day a bit late!

Hollie Eastman

Beautiful and true! Thanks for sharing, I had to work hard to concieve and carry my three little ones and thanked them on Mother's Day for being the reason I'm a mom. I'm blessed!
Happy Mother's Day, Megan.


Megan I just tuned into your blog today for the first time in a while. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for remembering Gabriella. Mothers' Day for me always includes a trip to the cemetary, quiet and peaceful, just her and I. God gave me 4 great kids and one angel, I am blessed. Love u. Dena

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