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I'd be on board for creating something similar to the sweatshirt dress! Looks so cozy! I can imagine it paired with silly patterned tights or leggings. I'll bet it'd be easy enough to re-purpose an xl adult thrift-store sweatshirt for this. Do you have a pattern source for something similar or are we flyin' without a net?


I'm SO in!! I was going to make a few school things for the (almost) five year-old. This will be perfect to inspire/encourage me to actually get it done before her first day. I am in love with the jackets from that milk mag. And the marilyn tov stuff. Can I just sew this weekend instead of live my actual life?


i am totally not someone who is able to figure things out on my own. i would be constantly ripping out stitches if i tried without a pattern or tutorial or maybe a little more practice. anyone want to work on a t-shirt dress tutorial with me??? or know of one?

also, would you ever be interested in being featured on my blog? www.littlecitizensoftheworld.blogspot.com stop by fashionably bowtique is offering a giveaway!!


Charith, I feel that way most days. ;)

Sarah, you can absolutely featured my blog on your site. Anytime. :)

As for patterns ... my next post will give some specific suggestions for patterns you could use to create certain looks. Let me do some research and find some suggestions over the next couple of days. Sound good?

In the meantime, the Tea Collection and Mini Boden catalogs just came in the mail, so I'm going to add some more "inspiration" pictures to this post later today.


Weird, I thought I'd commented on this yesterday... I am sorely tempted to join, but am hard-pressed to imagine what my 4-going-on-14-year-old would actually deign to wear. Will ponder, especially once you post some pattern ideas. ;)


I need and want to do some sandwich bags... :)


I'm already planning to make some clothes for my kids, so I'm in.


Great, guys! More details coming soon.

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