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kristine hanson

can I come to Bo's party? I would love one of those dolls! Cute wedding pic btw


I loved your thoughts on the birthday party being more about the birthday child and less about the parents/friends that inevitably tag along with the kids. It was like a great "ah hah" moment for me just now. =)


You are totally my hero for planning to make nine of those dolls - esp with your eyes closed. ;)


Those dolls are party favors? Wow! I'd love a toot on how you do the eyes. You must be a fast seamstress. It would take me a looong time to make 9 dolls. But it sounds so fun. My oldest has a bday coming up later this month and if I start now...


You guys are scaring me (and cracking me up, Michaela)!! I think I can, I think I can, I know I can ... maybe.
Sarah, it has taken us five years to figure this out. I actually think Bo would love having all her buddies and "aunts" and "uncles" here (and we would, too), but we just don't have a big chunk of change to spend on a big bash this year, so we're keeping it simple and making it a little girls' party. ;)


First, Happy Anniversary!

I was going to post this on Dwell Well but I can't remember my password!

Would you consider posting something on there about this Thursday's FREE concert in Browne's Addition? It's FAMILY NIGHT! The band is Jenks and there will be a bounce-house, crafts, face painting etc.


Feel free to shoot me an email if you have questions. :)


Thanks, Kate. Great idea for a post on Dwell Well. I'll write it up asap. Our family has been hitting some of the outdoor concerts--it's one of our favorite things to do--and we were planning on being in B.A. on Thursday. Will you be there?
I didn't realize it was family night--that's great! Thanks for the extra info.
Now go figure out your s-r password because you are like 50 percent of my audience there.


ha! That is not true (about me being 50% of your audience)! I'm just the only one with too much time on my hands at work and lots and lots of opinions. ;)

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