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Question: do you know of some good and cute craft books or websites, aside from yours of course, that has toddler crafts? My daughter is 14.5 months and it's about time that we start doing more than running around the house all day :) teehee. A bit more structure is most definitely needed.
Thanks in advance!


Oh, do I! Here are some of my favorites, Meryl:
Kids Craft Weekly--

Bloesem Kids--

Playful Learning--

And you can always go through my archives under the "crafting with kids" category--

Your question makes me realize I should put all my kiddie crafts on one page, though. Coming soon ...

Have fun!


I have a whole site dedicated to children's crafts. Come visit!



Oh thank you!!!! This is fantastic! I am not the craftiest person by hand but my mind goes crazy with ideas.

My poor child is inundated with music hour... ALL HOURS as mom and dad are both music therapist and music teachers...

I would like it if she could do something else as well and now she can! Thanks!


Thanks for the link to your site, By Little Hands! I just added it to my new kids' crafts page:

Meryl, I would say that is one lucky kid to be surrounded by music all the time. We sing and play songs on the stereo a lot (J has made the comment "these kids are going to be really disappointed when they find out life isn't a musical"), but I don't have musical talent in my bones like you. I should've never given up the cello ...

twirling betty

I love the coloured-in puppets on ice-cream sticks. I'm going to do that on Friday with my kidlets. I've been searching for some quick and easies to do with them and lo and behold...the universe responded! Thanks - to you and the universe!

Hollie Eastman

Love kids art! I finally got to cleaning out the boys art area and am finally painting a retro school desk for child #2...hoping for art time to be more often and more happy at my house!=) Thanks for sharing your little ones-
ps...my funky junk fall booth is back to junk school!=)

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