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Ye gods, Megan - you're amazing! What a fantastic party that manages to reflect Bo AND you. So cool - looks like they had a great time.

twirling betty

Love those bunnies. Bo & co obviously had a ball. And that picture of the sun-dappled set-up is just beautiful.


Darling, all of it! I LOVE what Bo did with the little deer; that's exactly what that dress was missing. ;)

Your girls are lucky to have such a fun, creative mama!


Those little bunnies are perfect! And the play quilt will be such fun! What a special day...


Looks like a hit! Glad you didn't have to resort to cowpies. (My brother calls them meadow muffins.)


Thanks so much, you guys. It went well. As the moms were leaving with their kids, I asked, "Is everyone alive? Does everyone have a bunny? Perfect." That about sums it up.

Kate, I love her touch with the deer, too. Wasn't that hilarious? I don't know if you can tell from the other pictures, but they sort of sloped down in the back. I'm such an idiot, though, I put the candles below the deer. Once I lit them (lighted them? Oh, boy), I could see that they were about to melt the deer, so I yelled, "sing fast!!"


I always find so much inspiration in your posts. Love it. Thank you!

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