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Jenn Schlich

Where do you buy your fabrics in Spokane? I never got a chance to go to Buttercuppity even though I planned on it many times, and then just saw they closed. So, It's Joanns on the SOuth hill for me, any where to find the stylish stuff in town?


The Top Stitch!! You will love it. I would split my time between The Top Stitch and Buttercuppity and was sad to see Buttercuppity close, but rest assured--you are in good hands with Carrie at The Top Stitch. They're at Monroe & Garland, in the Garland District, sort of across from the Garland Theatre. She used to be down the street from there in a tiny place and my heart started pounding the first time I went in. It was the first time I'd seen Amy Butler fabrics in person. Now she's in a bigger, brighter space--it's dreamy. She offers great classes, too. Check her out:

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