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Mariah Neeson

It's the recycle man they should be scared of! He's a crazy lookin dud with long 80's glam rock hair.
Hope you had fun.


LOL, Mariah! They loved him! Magpie wouldn't get close, but she liked him from a distance. Bo actually approached him before Otto. And, oh my, the laughter from those girls when they saw him dancing each time the team scored. It could have ended a war.

Carolyn L.

Joey loves Otto. A couple years ago, she tripped on the stairs in the stadium in front of a bunch of people. Not hurt too badly; just a skinned knee. Shortly, Otto presented himself and gave her an Indians baseball. She still has it.

Otto the Mascot

I am Otto at the Spokane Indians Baseball, and saw your post sorry it took me so long too find it. I am a Spokaneasorus, Sort of a mythical dinasaour. I remember your daughter skinning her knee, and truefully I do remember bringing her a baseball. I hope you come back to the games again and come by to see me! Hopefully this time i won't be so scary to them. Thank you for coming to see me and hope to see you again!

Italian Masks

My kids loves handcrafts too.. Thanks I saw this blog!

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