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Hollie Eastman

Super cute and I know my boys would loooove this activity!! Maybe I need to it with them to get a break from my own little crazy world=)


Such a great idea! And congratulations on your new blog design, it looks really good!


What a darling idea! You are so clever! We are so lucky to have such a lovely park for a scavenger hunt.

Jenn Schlich

Which park is this?


Love this idea. I suspect we'll be giving it a try in this last week before school starts...


Thanks, guys! Let me know how it goes if you end up doing it with your kids.
Jenn, it's Manito Park. Duncan Gardens (within Manito) is a sure bet for bees and butterflies.

Jenn Schlich

I figured out the park and went yesterday, I had only been to the duck pond/playgound area before. Loved it! My daughter had a ball...plus good coffee at the Rockwood Bakery (while she slept in the car and some random/nice 11 yr old watched to make sure no one kidnapped her!). Good day!


LOL. I once invented a business in my head in which teenagers are paid to stand in parking lots and babysit cars while parents run into stores to take care of quick errands. Parenting is lovely and all, but lugging a baby carrier and a toddler into Shopko so you can buy a box of tampons is the pits.
Rockwood Bakery is one of my favorites. Next time you go, order a pumpkin muffin. Best ever.
This is fun. What else do you need to know about Spokane? I've been planning on writing a guide to my favorite places. Glad you liked the other parts of Manito Park. It's a gem. Did you go inside the Japanese Gardens? Gorgeous! It took me way too long to discover that (I moved here in 2001 from Boston via Portland via Bellingham).


We just moved here from Bellingham 9 months ago!


Fun, Jenn! Welcome to Spokane. Wait a sec. Is this a different Jenn than Jenn Schlich? I'm getting confused.
I grew up in Bellingham and my family still lives there. Love it. Miss it.

Jenn Schlich

Yes, same one...


wow what a great mom you are!! i really dont do anything fun with my kids... i mean we play at home... but nothing like this!

how old are your girls??


Oh, Holly, I do my best, but I'm no supermom. A big part of the reason that we do all the crafts and activities is that it satisfies the inner crafter and teacher in me (I used to be a teacher). So, see, I'm just being greedy. ;)
I firmly believe that free play is the most important thing. I'm a big fan of Lawrence Cohen's book Playful Parenting.
My girls are almost 3 and just turned 5. How about you?

Kylie Capshaw

Oh, that's a challenging game for her! She even had to call the squirrels to come out! LOL! But she learned from that activity, indeed! And she has good coloring skills! :)


Thanks for sharing! This is such a cute idea. Fun!

Colleen P

This will make for a fun afternoon. Thanks!


I am so glad I found this! (again) i did this with my kids a while ago and never made an extra copy and have been searching for your site for a while.Kids loved it (me too). Nice job with all the pics.

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