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Carolyn L.

Don't know which is funnier, Megan, that McCall's snuggie pattern or the fact that its number begins with WTF ...


I confess to adding the WTF to the pattern number, Carolyn. Couldn't resist. Will you be sewing one of those in Oregon green and gold this fall?

Carolyn L.

Aah, no. My love of the Oregon Ducks is strong, but not that strong.


I am just getting back into sewing on a regular basis for my boys and yeah... it is dismal. I hadn't seen a lot of these patterns so I am excited my search brought up your blog! I just downloaded the Eric hoodie by Emilie Rebekah, looks like a fun top for boys. Simplicity 2318 has an interesting boys and men's raglan and, surprise surprise, pajama pants...oh and a dog shirt randomly thrown in. Ottobre designs always has good stuff and goes up to older boys sizes.

Cara Brooke

Thank you for this post, I'm trying to find things to sew for my first little boy (after three girls!) and am coming up so empty-handed! Argh! Your suggestions are much appreciated. :)


Wow! Thanks for this! You ain't kidding about the
Search for cute patterns for boys! I have 2 boys
And want to make their coordinating Easter outfits this
Year!! I was starting to stress and then I found your blog!
Thanks again!!


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