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I want the cocktail swing coat for myself!

Carolyn L.

These are DARLING! I'm under orders to find a long skirt pattern, so I can make a skirt that goes all the way to her toes. I tried to do it with the Oliver + S Lazy Days skirt, but the opening at her feet wasn't wide enough and she was falling all over herself. Any suggestions?


Is it weird that I want 90% of those things in MY size?? Those Oliver & S clothes are expecially darling. Swoon.


I'm with you guys. I think I picked these because I want them for myself, too. I really should add more vintage patterns from the '60s because that's what I really love.

Carolyn, how about this one:
I was going to include it but the list was getting long and I was getting lazy.


Carolyn, did you ever make that Jump Rope dress from Oliver + S? I remember us admiring it together several months back.


love this - i think i'm going to have to spend 30 minutes with this post after bedtime tonight.
just bought the lovely oliver + s sailboat pants & top pattern (http://www.oliverands.com/patterns/pants/patterns8.phtml) - hoping to master buttonholes & perhaps get brave with a knit fabric or two...
i also saw from whip-up's twitter yesterday and thought i could liberate a few shirts from my husband's closet... http://whipup.net/2010/08/17/refashion-turn-a-hawaiian-shirt-into-a-toddler-skirt/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+WhipUp+%28whip+up%29&utm_content=Twitter


I love the Oliver + S Sunday Brunch jacket, but I'm not sure if I've got enough stitching under my belt to attempt it yet. Not sure what I'll do for this sew along, but I would like to share a pattern that I had great success with. This wonderful little jacket from ManiMina was a breeze:


My version:


I managed this as my fourth or fifth handmade garment EVER and it only took me about an hour and a half. So simple, your kids could probably sew it for themselves.

cynthia sawyer

Uh, with all that eye candy, how are we supposed to pick just one?? If it inspires you, the Dear My Kids pdf pattern maker is currently having a contest too - add anything you sew to their Flickr group for a chance to win more free patterns before August 28th.

Carolyn L.

Hey Meegs: Thanks for the pattern for the loooong skirt. (That's how she says it, as she bends over to touch her toes. I want it this looooooong.) That should do nicely.

And no, I never did do the Jump Rope dress. Aside from the Lazy Days skirt, which I can do in my sleep, I've only tried one other Oliver + S pattern, and it was frankly a bit much for my skills. Maybe someday, tho ...


Cute, cute, cute, guys. Love the links. I'll add them to the post asap.

And thanks for the tip, Cynthia! I'll mention that in my next post. I can't believe I'd never stumbled on her patterns before. They're darling.


Oooh, I LOVE Heidi & Finn patterns!

Nicole Seaman

Love the article in Family Fun!! The book sling was on my to do list, just needed to hop back to your tutes section to take a second look before collecting m supplies. I opened my magazine today, to find your tute!! Awesomeness!


Thanks, Nicole! So glad to have you here. Send me a photo of your sling when you're done and I'll add it to the tutorial.
Susanne, I have yet to try any Heidi & Finn patterns myself, but they look so dang cute. I think that cocktail coat is calling my name.

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