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Definately Ohdeedoh worthy! Very cute... You should submit!


Completely gorgeous. Your girls are lucky.


Darling!! All of it. Can I come live with you?


Don't worry about what other people or another blog might say - it's your effort, home, and children. I'm a huge blog reader, but even I have to say that this is a totally charming room!

Your girls are very lucky.


and real is so much better than perfection. love it.


Oh, wow! Thanks so much for your kind words, everyone.
Kate, yes, you can definitely move in, seeing as you would have me in stitches every other minute. This had me rolling:


You have the same play kitchen I found at a garage sale and then made a fridge to go with! http://ajennuinelife.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=103&action=edit Do you know what brand it is? I searched the net, but couldn't figure out where it came from...


Just lovely..I love all the artwork and things... very inspiring!


Love it. Perfect blend of modern, crafty, vintage and 100% real.


Thanks so much, everyone!
Jennifer, the little kitchen was from Target.

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Hey, I realize this is an old post but I was just wondering where you got the little beds from in your girls' rooms? Are they from Ikea? And when did you transition them into the big beds? Thanks! CUTE ROOMS!!

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