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It is so great when you post.


Wow you have been busy!! I really love your craft ideas for the parents. I'm partial to the ornaments because we're always sure to keep them each year.
"No get mad", I love it!
Have a great Thanksgiving!!

The Leftoverist

Megan, your students are SO LUCKY to have you. I love that Winter Workshop idea. How sweet.

Eat something besides gum today.


Yay! You're back! Also, don't feel bad; I haven't posted on mine since...August? And I left on a cliffhanger, which I'm sure bothered the three people that read it. Anyway, in my world, you're practically four years ahead of schedule.

I love, love, love the advent calendar. If you don't do it, can you force a fifth grader to at least make one for me? Tell him I'll send him a box of saltines in return. Fifth graders like boxes of saltines, right?

Erin Zackey

oh, it must be so wonderful to be back in the classroom! I must admit I'm a tad jealous, I'm hoping to get a job teaching again in the next few years, I hope I get as lucky as you!
For now, I'll do my mini teaching job with my new school.
OOo, how about some ideas from The Magic Onions, there are SO many! This one is similar to yours:
What fun! The parents of your students are lucky indeed!

Hollie Eastman

Fun to read all of your adventures; you have so much on your plate and are pulling it off with style and humor=) All of your kids at school and home are lucky!!

urban craft

oh these are all wonderful wonderful ideas. Lovin' the branch place card holders. I think I can pull it off with only 4 people. Have a wonderful xmas!

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